Start Playing

Short mat bowls has been played on the Isle of Man for over 20 years now and provides a great alternative for outdoor players during the winter season.

The game is played throughout the Island with the MSMBA league’s and competitions usually taking place on Sunday afternoons at the National Sports Centre.

If you have played another variation of bowls then Short Mat Bowls won’t be that unfamiliar. The main difference is the playing area, the ‘block’ that occupies the centre of the mat and the dead areas. The presence of the block in the centre of the mat and the narrow playing surface requires players to develop a slightly different skill compared to the other variations of the sport. Bowls that touch the block, roll off the sides of the playing surface or finish in the ‘dead’ zones (other than bowls which touch the jack before going into the ditch) are removed from the playing suface before the next bowl is delivered.

Where to Play

National Sports Centre Bowls Hall

At this moment, all leagues and competitions take place in the Bowls Hall at the NSC. Bowling takes place on a Sunday and starts at 1pm til 4pm. For a complete list of our schedule, go to our full schedule.

New players are always welcome to come down and have a go as we have bowls and shoes available and members of the committee will always be there to help you out and give advice.

If you are interested in giving Short Mat Bowls a go then contact Stephen Gale if you would like any more information.