Manx Short Mat Bowls Association

Cherry Orchard League – Game Three

Ronaldsway Rockets stayed top of the table in the Cherry Orchard League last Sunday with an impressive 5-2 win over Ramsey Rebels. Douglas Bay Pirates remained their closest challengers, also winning 5-2 over Castletown Super Threes.

It was Ramsey Rebels who got off to the best start in their game against the Rockets, with Moira Anderson & John Jauncey taking the pairs game 10-9 in a closely fought battle, however the Rockets came storming back with Collin Holland winning his singles 15-1 and then with the help of Chris Holland & Wyn Collister taking the triples 12-1 to complete a convincing 5-2 victory.

Douglas Bay Pirates also got off to a poor start with Matt Quayle & Peter Blower taking the opening pairs game with a well earned 9-6 victory for the Castletown side. The Pirates came back well however with Stephen Gale taking a 13-5 victory in his singles and then triples 11-3 with Josh Ffrench & Jayne Smith to stay in second place in the table.

The final game of the day saw a close game played out between Colby Cosmos and Ballaugh. It was Ballaugh who took the pairs game 10-5 but Rita Woodworth leveled the game for Colby with a 9-8 win in her singles and then with Pauline Kelly & Ann Hollingworth they won the triples 8-5, however they lost out on the bonus point for chalks by 1 shot, leaving them 4-3 winners.

The standing after 3 games are:
1. Ronaldsway Rockets – 19 points
2. Douglas Bay Pirates – 12
3. Colby Cosmos – 9
4. Castletown Super Threes – 8
5. Ramsey Rebels – 7
6. Ballaugh – 6
7. Laxey Minors – 2

Next week is the Freeway Express Championship with holders Rushen playing Ramsey Rebels and Colby Cosmos taking on Castletown Rockets.