Manx Short Mat Bowls Association

4 Bowl Pairs Final

Seamus Whelan & Collin Holland successfully defended their 4 Bowl Pairs title after coming from behind on the last end against Matthew Keggen & Stephen Gale in a thrilling final.

Final – As It Happened

Point Total End Point Total
2 2 one
2 two 4 4
2 three 4
1 3 four 4
3 five 1 5
2 5 six 5
5 seven 2 7
3 8 eight 7
8 total 7

The final was close throughout with neither side ever more than 2 shots in front. Keggen & Gale managed to get ahead, thanks to a 4 on the second end and were leading 5-3 with three ends remaining. Whelan & Holland fought back and leveled the scores with a 2 on the sixth but on the penultimate end Gale managed to snatch another 2 to stretch the lead out to two points again. The final end seemed to be going in Keggen & Gale’s favour but with the jack displaced Holland managed to kill the end with his penultimate bowl to replay the end. This time Whelan had the jack well covered with his leading bowls and despite an excellent firing shot on the back hand from Gale there was no moving them. Another firing shot from Gale, this time on the forehand left Holland two on and a superb drawing shot with his very last bowl made a three and snatched victory for the reigning champions.