Manx Short Mat Bowls Association

McCabe, Quine & O’Reilly take opening honours in MSMBA season

The opening of the MSMBA season saw 21 players take part in a drawn triples competition with Dave McCabe, Tony Quine & Maurice O’Reilly coming out on top after a close final.

In the round-robin stages McCabe’s side won all 3 matches to top the group from Bernie Durcan, Richard Faragher & Pat Mason. In Group 2 it was Collin Holland, James Teare & Wyn Collister who came out as winners after beating Stephen Gale, Clare Hussain & Maureen Trustham into second.

The final saw a close game which saw McCabe’s side take the win 3-2 after a single on the final end was enough to claim the win.

Next week will see another drawn competition. Any new or existing players can turn up to the NSC bowls hall for 3pm if they would like to take part.